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As an Independent candidate, I will not make you any promises I cannot keep.

“Unity Is Needed”

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Hello Everyone & Welcome to My Internet Campaign,

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Description automatically generatedUpdated August 4th, 2020

Look I know what you are thinking, I really do understand what can happen if I take away votes from the two major parties. If you think that way, then you are doing nothing to fix the issues of today’s government, you are contributing to them.

We the People of The United States of America must be Unified together. I feel that I can start this process of unity. We need to stand together in unity, we need to do what is right and take control of our government once again. Like in the past all Americans came together United and fought for our Country. I am asking you to stand united once again by writing in me into the presidential office. On your ballot this November Write in Timothy R. Meeks for President of The United States of America.

We need the change and we need it now. Some of our leaders are a disgrace to public service and need to be removed. Taxes are out of control; the common person cannot even run for President or any other major office in that matter. Look I am not out to make President Trump to get reelected. I am not looking for Vice President Biden to take over the presidential office. I am looking to take all their votes and put me into office. It can be done you just have to believe it can be done. If you do not believe and vote for the lessor of two evils, then EVIL will what we will have in office.

I have gone to churches all my life; I was brought up in the Pentecostal and Southern Baptist. As I got older, I went to many different churches just to find out none of them were for me and my family. Then a year after moving into my current home I literally ran into some Elders. Shortly after I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. I knew this was the place for me to be.

You probably have your own church or not. You might even be atheist, that is ok it is your right. This Country was built on the promise of freedom of religion even if that is no religion at all. “In God We Trust”. However, we have forgotten to trust in God and some of us need to be reminded of that.

Since I have been running my online campaign, I have reached out to the President of the United States to let him know I had a few ideas that could possibly help out during everything that was going on. I got back a generic email, in other words he is not going to see it and they do not care about my idea. I then reached out to Vice President Biden. Did not get a reply. I have reach out to President Obama because I hear that he was responsible for some of this mess that is going on. Guess what? He did not contact me. I did find out that Vice President Biden and President Obama are working together to defeat President Trump. I heard President Trump say one day that China and Russia wants to meddle in our elections to take control. I thought Surely! This is a great idea on how to get the word out that I want to run for President of The United States. I sent China and Russia top news companies of their Country and told them I was interested in running for President of the United States. I figured “Yes” surly one or both of them would just jump on this information because what better way to mess up a government’s election. You know what happened, nothing so clearly, they do not care. If all these people and Countries really cared about the United States someone would have responded to me.

I asked a friend that I respect if he wanted to be my running mate. He declined and said I need a woman to be my running mate. I Started looking and contacted six women. I did not only look at women in office, I looked at other women that I thought could handle the pressure. To my surprise no one is interested.

Look I cannot stress enough our leaders have gone adrift in a boat. They are way out there with no compass to bring them back to shore. We need someone like me in office.

Most likely I will not be on your ballot. Do A Write In: Timothy R. Meeks

May 1st, 2020

In April I was thinking about our economy and our government. My wife was in the hospital, then to a rehabilitation facility for over four weeks.

Watching the election on tv was a nightmare. My wife always said we can only vote for the lessor of two evils. A few days into this political campaign I could not stand by and do nothing. I started praying about who should I vote for? A few days later I was running for President of The United States of America. I found myself putting up a website creating a form. Someone printed me some cards and a few Banners.

Remember in our history books? Remember what President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln did for our country? What happened to the time when the Congress worked with the President to get things done for the people?

Now, they do not care about the people of the United States of America to even consider it. They are happy making good money while the rest of us are not able to put food on the table for our family.

Nowadays someone gets into office and stays there for 40 years, then blames the other person. You have got to admit that when President Trump ran for office most of America said well, he can run his own company and make it, he should be able to do the same for The United States of America. President Trump forgot one thing (ONE BIG THING). He forgot about the American people.

Most likely I will not be on your ballot. Do A Write In: Timothy R. Meeks

We the People of the United States of America need more. We need the banks, mortgage companies to forgive the loan payments during these crises. We need the landlords to do the same. We need the utilities, phone companies, and Internet providers to forgive payments during this time of need. While no one is making money the best thing to do is to forgive during these crises. That does not mean oh, let us just extend their loan out for a few more months so that we can collect more interest on that portion and put the people in even more debt.

Businesses are closing their doors. Yes, it sounds great we are going to lend money to the small business. Wow, it is not working to good. We will just print more money to bust the economy. Wow again it is not working. Who is making the money right now? The only ones that are making money right now is our elected leaders, the banks, utilities, phone, and internet providers. I find it funny that car insurance agencies, that are so overpriced can give back money to the people and the banks cannot forgive loan payments.

Look at it this way I lend you $5,000.00 you pay me back including interest that of course is going to way out there just so that I can make $10,000 when the loan is paid off in three years maybe. Forgiving the loan payment is not going to hurt anyone.

This would allow a person to put food on the table, purchase a toy for their child, go out for an anniversary dinner, put gas in the car, go visit relatives, or go to the doctor if needed. Right now, we have people doing stupid things because they are scared of what is to come.

Instead something that no one in the United States had a clue about or any other country that were not involved are going so far in debt. This is simply crazy.

Do you like what is going on in The United States of America? If so, then vote for President Trump in for a second term or Joe Biden that has been there for over 40 years and is part of the problem.

If you do not like what is happening in the United States of America, and you do not like who your voting choices are, then stand with me and VOTE with a write in this November and VOTE for me, Timothy R. Meeks for President of The United States of America.

I am not going to tell you all these promises, that I have no intention on keeping. We need everyone to sit down and think about what they need from our government and maybe an idea on how to achieve that goal. Our States need to read them and not just dismiss them. There may be some good ideas or thoughts on how to help out the United States of America.

Remember what we learn from our history. Are we doomed to make the same mistakes over and over?



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