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Vice President Running Mate
Updated June 24th, 2020


I was told that I need a woman for a Vice President running mate. I am looking at several women that I think would be great for this position. However, they are not interested.

So far everyone I have contacted on their site say, that they care about the United States of America. However, there actions speaks much louder than their words.

I can only come to the conclusion, that they really do not care about the United States of America as much as I do.

6/21/2020 California: Patrisse Cullors. Have not heard back from her?

6/12/2020 California: Alicia Garza. Have not heard back from her?

6/10/2020 Montana: Samantha Francine. Have not heard back from her?

Georgia: Stacey Abrams. Have not heard back from her?

New York: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Heard back from New York, they said that she is not interested. So, she probably does not even know that I contacted her?

Wyoming: Liz Cheney. Heard back from Wyoming, they said that she dedicated to Wyoming and would not consider being a Vice President at least with me. (I can only imagine why?)


Maybe you have a better idea of who should be my running mate?

Maybe you think you would be good as the Vice President?

Give me your ideas of who you think it should be. Contact me and let me know your thoughts.




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