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What Matters

Last updated August 18th, 2020

Our Police throughout our Country and States.

Needs our support and needs to have full funding.

1.   Our police are among the best in the United States.

2.   They need more funding from our State.

3.   They also need our support at all times.


Our Business are closing because we do not have strong business support.

We need to have an establish funding and support for our businesses.

1.   Our State needs to step up and help out our business in a time of need.


Our Healthcare and how expensive it is. How hard it is to get care when you need it when you do not have insurance.

What about the benefits of single payer health care?

1.   Everyone Can Get Coverage.

2.   Decrease Amount of Necessary Paperwork.

3.   Lower Costs.

4.   No Insurance Companies Needed.

5.   Only One Buyer Required.


Our Homeless population seems to be growing.

How do we get them off the streets and into a place that is safe?

1.   Create space for our homeless on State, County, and City owned property.

2.   Create self-help jobs to stay in created homestead.


Our Taxes are too high.

How do we cut our taxes and still fund necessary programs that are needed?

1.   Getting people to stop throwing trash on our streets.

2.   Stopping graffiti from happening.

3.   Stop unnecessary legislation bills that waist money.


Our Children Education is some of the best in our Country.

However, it is suffering when our children are not in the classroom.

1.   We need critical thinking not indoctrination in our schools.







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