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“Unity Is Needed”

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Last updated June 24th, 2020

June 24th, 2020

Unity, what comes to mind when you hear the word unity? I think of everyone coming together for a greater good/cause. I think of everyone getting along with one another. We need unity now, we help now, we need to stand together now, we need to look past a person’s faults and look at person’s potential that they may have to offer.


I saw a post of someone having issues. Do not know what his issues were, but I felt for him deeply.


I commend everyone that offered prayers, videos to watch, conference talks, and motivated statement. However, not one person extended their hand out to him. I presume that they know him because they are friends, right?


I extended my hand out to him all he needs to do is to accept it. I gave him my number so that he could call or text me.


Unity coming together for a greater good/cause.


June 16th, 2020


It is Impossible for Low- or Middle-Class to Run for President of The United States

I was told as you were probably told while you were in school that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up. “You can even be The President of The United States.”


I know I got into this in way too short of timeframe. However, what I found out is that it is totally impossible for the low- or middle-class citizen to accomplish this. We have our jobs we go to every day to pay the bills, put food on the table, medical expenses, or emergencies that come up. The people that we put in office do not have to work.


They can go out to campaign for months on end, and call it work. They can have a big function where they collect donations while having a fancy meal that people paid way too much for and call it work. We cannot even take vacation time to even attempt any of the things that are necessary to run a campaign for President. I do not know about you I do not have a budget just for running for President. Nor do I have the money or time to have a big fancy function and charge for an overpriced meal to collect campaign donations. Besides who is going to want to do that when they do not even know me or even if they do, they cannot afford it. The wealthy can spend thousands of dollars and call it work related, pay to have someone create a fancy website and pay to have it pop up every time someone sneezes. I had a credit and made my site myself from MS Word a program that I have. Nothing fancy, but it works.


There are provisions to get match funds if you collect $5000.00 in donations, then it gets audited to see where those funds came from. It is all complicated and just unreasonable for the low- or middle-class to do.


You can get on a ballot if a political party picks you. Hmm, which would get picked, some governor or senator or someone like me an unknown person. It is so nice that we are kept in the dark and we are now in the position to do nothing about it. What is my chance of winning? Slim chance unless I can get people from all over the United States that want to make change.


I know that we need change, and we are not going to get it with the current people that are running. We need an unknown like me to be voted into office. Like I said I will not make you any promises. I can say without a doubt with me in office change will be inevitable.



June 15th, 2020

Prejudices Is Like Racist

I was told today "There is no way you could ever become the president because I have tattoos".

I went through the rules. Not one rule said anything about tattoos. I replied to them I did not find one rule about tattoos.

How many times have you seen the Presidents arms? I do not think I have seen the President without a suit on.

I asked the person what else are you prejudice about. The reply was I AM NOT PREJUDICE. Several others in the conversation said it sure does sound like you are prejudice.

Then someone piped up, prejudices is like Racist. Look what is going on today.

So, what are your thoughts?

Can a person with tattoos, no money, become The President of The United States by a write in if that person gets enough people to vote?

Would you not vote for me because I have tattoos?

Would you not vote for me because I go to The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints?

Would not vote for me because my wife is in a powerchair?

Bottom line is that I tell it like it is. So maybe that would be a good reason not to vote for me?

I know do not vote for me because you like how our government is running, and you are afraid of change.

I always say change is good, Then I can go to McDonalds or Burger King every once in a while.



June 14th, 2020

I am Amazed

I am so amazed about what people think they know. However, I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was told “You’re gonna screw it up and then we will be stuck with that psychopathic narcissist again” (they mean Trump if you do not know that, and they are voting for Biden). I know that Trump is not a politician, (he is now) he is a great businessman and you cannot deny that. Trust me folks I cannot do any worse.


Then I was told “apparently you don’t understand” oh, I do understand that anyone can run for President as long as they meet a certain set of rules that were set a long time ago as directed by The Constitution of the United States, you must be a natural born citizen of the United States, or resident for fourteen years, and 35 years of age or older. Nowhere does it say you must in politics or be a politician as a requirement. Trust me folks no one person does not and cannot mess up our government, there are safeguards for that. However, many people or politicians can regardless of being Democrats & Republicans.


Then I was told “You are not a politician”. Actually, I am, I have served in our military with the United States Navy. I have served as a city council person. Also, I previously ran for mayor of a city I lived in. So technically that makes me more qualified than President Trump. I ran a successful non-profit business from 1995 – 2010.


Now do not get me wrong folks, I want to ease your mind. I am nothing like President Trump. First off, he is extraordinarily rich. I am not. Second, he is arrogant and has no respect for people, you can tell that the way he fires people left and right. I have worked with some difficult people in my life, but I never fired them usually there are other options. Third, I think that President Trump lost the people when he forgot about them. He forgot where he came from. Was he ever poor? If he were maybe it would have made him a better person and a better President. I do know he has filed for bankruptcy four or five times but was he poor? I think not.


Let us talk about Biden, oh I mean Senator Biden, oh I mean Vice President Biden who has been in office for over 44 years? WOW, now that sure is a long time. Right? How many Presidents has he worked for over forty-four years? Who wants to count? Not me. Our government is messed up. It has been messed up way before President Trump. Sorry let us get back to Biden, Senator Biden, or Vice President Biden. Remember Our government cannot be messed up by one person alone. It takes many people to do so like Biden, Senator Biden, or Vice President Biden. Now when I say messed up I really mean Our government has been running like crap because the same old things are happening over and over.


Trust me one more time. If you desire to vote for President Trump, or Senator Biden, I mean Vice president Biden. You go ahead and do so. If you want to vote for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or any other fictitious characters, I ask that you write in Timothy R. Meeks for President. If you do not like President Trump or Senator/Vice President Biden. Then I am your best option to bring some change to or government.



June 12th, 2020

{We Want Change, We Want It Now}

For the past few months this is all we have heard. We want change. We hear it from every direction. We hear no one is above the law from almost everybody. We hear Trump and Biden suck; they both blame each other. Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats. We hear President Trump let it happen again and we think, yes, it is President Trump’s fault. They do not even think that it might be their fault as well.


We need change so we start a nice protest. Then it turns violent. Then you start doing what other people are doing, who is responsible? You are responsible for your actions. If you stay, there you are going to get caught up in the mess. Then who pays for the damages, mess, graffiti of the aftermath? You make it home unharmed while others got caught and you think “look what I got away with”. You did not get away with anything. We all pay taxes in some form or fashion. Those taxes get split up for Federal, State, County, and City. The City pays to have their part cleaned up. The business owners pays to have their business cleaned up. The County pays to have their part cleaned up. The State pays to have their part cleaned up. Where do you think that money comes from? I know, our taxes. People who take part in the destruction are costing us all money. Hey, you know what, it is ok this is exactly what all of us want is for our taxes to pay for your mess.


We need change now. Did you know that most of the Democrats and Republicans that are in office have been there for an exceedingly long period of time? Maybe their terms should be limited like everyone else’s. I have found people in office for over 59 years. I know what it is, someone new can get into office when someone dies. What have they been doing for fifty-nine years? I will lay it out for you. Getting paid, keeping a low profile, getting paid, not show up to vote because they do not like what the issue, getting paid, making a speech in their home state to get voted in again, getting paid, blaming the other party for it getting it wrong, getting paid, do it all over again when they get elected again, oh did I mention getting paid for their mistakes over and over again.


We need to do something now; we vote for the lesser of two evils. We vote for the incumbent because they are there, and they know what they are doing so we think why change it. I know because I have done this myself. Then we get really inventive and start writing in Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, or whatever fictional character we can think of. Again, I know I have done it myself. Then we start all over again when it comes time to vote. I know, I know, I have done it again and again myself.


Yet we want and need to have something new happen. You cannot get into office unless your rich, apparently being extraordinarily rich helps as well. How is the average person able to run?

You need to get some party to pick you up; or you need to get so many registered voters in a room to vote you in, or spend money to go around your State to get twenty thousand votes and at least so many signatures in a district.

Why make it hard for the average person to run for office? I am starting to think it is to keep us all under control.


Yet we want change. When an opportunity comes along to provide a possible change, we blow it off. We say, oh I will vote for someone that you think you know. That is what I call a vicious cycle or let us repeat our history. Our history is important. With out those people that statues were made of, some of us would not be here today. Yes, some of them were racist and maybe some were not. I just do not know. I call that monkey see monkey do syndrome. Do what everyone else does so not to bring attention to yourself.


I am giving you the opportunity for the change that we need. If I am not on you ballot, please write me in Timothy Rorie Meeks. I am not going to make you a bunch of empty promises.



June 10th, 2020

Contacting the Press

It is amazing that as of yet, I have not heard from any of the press agencies. You know I am always hearing that China and Russia is always trying to interfere with different countries elections. I figured hay now that is an idea to get the word out all over the world. I contacted the news agencies in both countries, at least I gave it the good old college try. If I get arrested, you know why. I call it foreign relations. Does the U.S. block emails’ that go to other countries?



June 3rd, 2020

Turned in My Paperwork

Today I called the elections office to turn in my paperwork for general elections. They sent it back to and said that I cannot do that. I am wondering why do they have paperwork to fill out then? A minor party must pick me up. I meet the qualifications to be the President.



June 1st, 2020

Talk about Stimulus Checks

Today I heard some information about sending out stimulus checks to people. That will be great. I hope that they send them out every month for a while until America is over this crisis. Most likely they will not because they are not the ones with out income coming into their home.



May 31st, 2020

George Floyd Death

It is great that they determined that the police officers that ended up killing him actually was considered that they murdered him. It is a shame that we have aggressive police officers that go too far with their training that someone gets killed no matter what ethnicity they may be. It is all so a shame we as citizens put ourselves in the position to have that happen. A police officer has to get you under control if you are not following direction and your out of control fighting with the officers. Everybody needs to look at the whole film not just one picture.


What is a shame is what came after the arrest of the officers? People all over America getting involved starting riots, fighting with law enforcement, burning property that had nothing to do with the officer, and destroy things that has nothing to do with someone getting murdered in another State.


Would all this destruction had happened if the roles were reversed? We as Americans by now should be looking past someone’s color, age, sexuality, religious beliefs, height, hair length, or color. We are human beings that make mistakes or bad choices.


People blame the President, Senators, Governors, Mayors, and City, County, State police officers. How about look at yourself. You are responsible for your actions. Sometimes we all pay for our actions.

Look at it this way, some youth/kid graffities a business, signs, or a car. We drive by it and say oh my, why did that happen. You even go as far as saying the parents should be responsible for it. Hay that is correct we as adults are responsible for what are children do until they are 18 years of age. Then you find out that it was your kid that did it. What do you do about it?

Those kids finally grow up and realize that they are paying for what they did as a kid, why things are expensive, and why our taxes go up. We all pay for the mess to get cleaned up, fixed, or replaced. Then we pay for the security that happens because someone just did not care.



May 30th, 2020

Senator Biden said, “We Are A Nation Furious at Injustice”

True words. As you can see writing about it does not help. We need someone to take action. I am appalled how the government has been, and it is getting worse every four years. We need new people in office not the same old people who has caused most of the issues that are going on today. This year I am choosing to vote for myself. If I am not on the ballot, I will do a write in.



May 27th, 2020

President of The United States

I was thinking about our economy and what our government has done. I decided I should run for President of The United States of America. President George Washington had ideas that people liked, he made promises and he kept them. Maybe we should start there, a new beginning and vote for someone who is not specialized in politics.

Do you like what is going on in The United States of America? I know I do not. Do you like the choices that you have to vote for President, President Donald Trump, or Senator Joseph Biden? I know I do not.


Would you like to vote and do something new? I know I do.

This year I am doing a write in for myself. I would like your support and do a write in this year if I am not on the ballot.  Vote for me Timothy Rorie Meeks of Salem Oregon for President of The United States of America.


I am not rich; I live by the paycheck just like you. I have had some great times, bad times, and some good times. All I know I have been appalled about how this election year has been going. I am sitting here thinking about what I can do about it. My wife said all we can do is vote for the lesser of two evils. I said that is not good enough.


I have contacted the news agencies on May 22nd, 2020 and have not heard back from them. So, I guess they do not care? I know I care about the waste of money our government has spent on repetitive laws, Democrats, Republicans, and The President not working together to support the people of the United States. We all are tired of our taxes being wasted. We are all tired of our taxes going up and nothing to show for it. We are all tired of the he said she said mentality that goes on every four years.


If you want to make a change in the United States of America, do a write in and I am not talking about Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or any other fictitious characters that cannot do a thing with The United States of America. Vote for Timothy R. Meeks; I care about what you care about. If I am not on the ballot write me in.




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